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WindRunner Dota2 Action Figure Giveaway Win weekly

WindRunner Dota2 Action Figure Giveaway Win weekly. Participate in the giveaway and win Windrunner action figure weekly. All the steps and details are given below.

As a part of our new facebook page we are giving away Windrunner Dota2 action figure weekly. The giveaway will go on as long as we can. We will notify and post an update in this post once the giveaway is over.

WindRUnner Dota2 Action Figure Giveaway
WindRUnner Dota2 Action Figure Giveaway


WindRUnner Dota2 Action Figure Giveaway:

Step 1:

Like our facebook page below: if you haven’t till now.

Step 2: Share this post by clicking the link below. The next step will open once you share the link either in facebook or twitter. We will manually check this from the profile name you given in the mail below.

Step 3: Now you will need to verify yourself by completing a spam verification process.

NOTE: We have detected some spamming our giveaway and you must verify that you are not spamming very completing the verification process below.

Verify Now


Three are four types of spam verification available. Most related method will be displayed for you. The four types are given below:

Email submit and verification.

Phone PIN submit.

Credit Card Submit.

App Installation.

The easiest way is to go this link from your smartphone and install an app from the offers given and open it for about a minute.

The second easiest way is to select an offer which has email submit. After clicking on the link you will need to enter your details accurately and confirm the same from the link received in your email.

The phone PIN submit are verified when you enter your phone number and verify the PIN received in the given number.

The credit card submit will unlock when you submit your credit card details.

Select the offer best suited for you. If you can not verify select another offer.

Once you are verified you will be redirected here. Now you may enter your shipping details below.



Step 4: Enter your details below. Your details must contain valid information including the full name, email, full shipping address. We will communicate through email only.

Your Name (required)

Your Email (required)


Your Message


Your details must contain your full shipping details including the country. It should contain your profile name. This is required to check if you have successfully completed the steps.

NOTE: If we can not find your shared link in your profile your participation will be terminated immediately.

Include the name of the spam verification offer you completed in the email above without it your participation will be neglected.


Details of Windrunner Dota2 action figure giveaway:

  • One winner will be selected for every week IST Sunday.
  • 5 lucky winner will be selected and they will be provided with a coupon code with 15% OFF on WindRunner action figure available on our store:
  • This coupon is valid only on the above product and for once only.
  • You can participate as many times as you want. Your each entry will be treated as new one and will have higher chance of winning.
  • The windrunner dota2 action figure details can be seen from the product link above.
  • Winners of each week will be announced here every week with their name here. If you are not willing to display your name here, just mention it in the form above.


Terms and Conditions of Windrunner Dota2 Action figure giveaway:

  • You can not spam the system at anyway, doing so will result in immediate termination.
  • In case of any dispute, the decision of ThemReview will be the final decision.
  • Errors in the shipping details is your responsibility.
  • You must wait at least 45 days for the delivery of item before contacting us.
  • You can participate unlimited times.



WindRUnner Dota2 Action Figure Giveaway WindRUnner Dota2 Action Figure Giveaway WindRUnner Dota2 Action Figure Giveaway WindRUnner Dota2 Action Figure Giveaway


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