Reasons why I use both iPhone Android Phones

use both iPhone Android

Reasons why I use both iPhone Android and you should too. After this you will want to use both iPhone & Android devices.

Are you an iPhone guy or Android guy? How many times did you managed to win in iPhone vs Android battle? For me that is not the case. From the first day of switching to iPhone, I still continue to use my old android phone. Let us break my reasons one by one.

I will be honest here, I had a dream to an iPhone in my hand from the day I saw it just like any other kid in India. But my poor financial condition won’t let me just as many other kids. After years of tireless waiting, I got to own my first iPhone, OMG!!! The iPhone. I swear I did not sleep that night messing around the phone. From the first night I had the feeling that I can not leave my Android phone. Below are some of my reasons why I keep using both Android phone and iPhone.

Reasons I use both iPhone Android phone:

iPhone does not have the freedom of file transfer as androids:

The first night I got my iPhone, I couldn’t wait to test its speaker and sound quality, then I plugged the lightening cable to my PC and select a list of my favorite songs and create a folder. But to my surprise, I just can not transfer the songs, rather I have use the itunes.

Additionally, you can’t copy or paste any file just by using the USB cable where as in an Android device all you need is the USB cable. There is so much limitations on this. In fact if I want to go outside and print something I use my android phone to carry the files or download it in case of emergency.

iPhone is much smoother in terms of performance no matter how high end is your Android smartphone:

No matter how high price your android phone you just can not compare the smoothness and handy of and iPhone.

In one time you were streaming videos in youtube and wanted to get back to chrome, you will see the difference. This applies to all switching heavy apps. Some of you may argue that you can boost an android phone by using apps but the fact is most of the apps auto start again just after some seconds.

Moreover android can not please all hardwares so, most customization should be done by the hardware company. Whereas Apple makes all the hardware as well as iOS. This is one of the main advantage of the iPhone over Android Phones. This is also one of my main reason why I still use Android smartphones against iPhone or iOS devices and I use both iPhone and Android phones.

Android phones can be use and throw devices when the situation demands:

Being a mechanical engineer, there are conditions where the situation is bad and your hands need to be dirty. Obviously, iPhones are so pricey unless you are super rich, so in these conditions, I will happily use my android phone instead of the iPhone. I believe there are millions like me, for this reason, they will use both iPhone Android Phones.

I get more freedom of customization in Android than the iPhone:

I am not the type of user who just uses the phone without trying to mess around. But I found iOS is just what they deliver you. Apart from changing the wallpaper or theme you can not do much. On the other hand, there are hundreds of launchers, costume themes etc. available which greatly extends its function to a new level. In this case, you can not compare an iPhone to Android. Android is the King of costumization.


Oh! I love to talk to Siri!!!

Yes! Siri stands above all other assistants. I am not saying Siri is the best but it is my favorite. Siri introduce you into this world and you can not forget it. It is just like Nokia to your mobile phone world. This is a major factor for me to use both iPhone as well as Android phone.

You can’t avail some features in far country sides:

Especially In developing countries, let us say you are on a holiday trip or business trip on far country side and it turns out that you need something to print or extract some documents and you are using iPhone means you are in big trouble. Android beats in this aspect also. Yes! For rural and far country sides, Android beats iPhone.



Downloading any content is almost impossible in iPhone:

Be it a copyright free audio or video, you will never get to download it. This is because of the Apple’s tight policy of its security, ecosystem. All is to be done only on streaming.

iPhone is iPhone nothing beats it:

As said iPhone is iPhone. You can see less number of people switching from iOS to android. On the other hand, I think almost anyone who is buying a new iOS device has had an android device at one time. You just feel the happiness after grabbing it even though you are not expressing it.

You can’t compare iPhone’s battery to an android’s battery:

I have a habit of watching videos on YouTube and fall asleep along with that on my phone. I usually do this in my iPhone and it is fine and I have enough battery next morning for the rest of the day.

But sometimes when I use my android phone I can see the thirsty battery bar in the morning. No matter how large your battery capacity is battery just drains. This accelerates when you have more background apps running.

In fact, when you are doing some heavy works such as office, audio or video work, battery just rans away.

Android has the history of being victim of malware virus:

One of the main reasons why I love apple is its close tight security. On the other hand android by its nature of openness has many vulnerability and has so many history for it.
But this does not mean that Apple has 100% immune from such attacks we we witnessed this in recent celebrity leaks. You may also heard about FBI asking for unlocking the iPhone of one of the Bernardino’s shooting but it turn out that one Israeli security firm has done that.
So in the end it depends on how careful are you against your own privacy.

So, Yes, you can argue all day long that Android is the best or iOS is the best. But for me personally, I prefer to keep using both iPhone and Android at the same time. This indeed increases your productivity when you use both iPhone Android phones.

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