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Nextbit Robin India price review specs Flipkart

Nextbit Robin India price review specs Flipkart. The price is impressive with great features and new ideas packed in the Nextbit Robin.


Nextbit Robin India price review specs Flipkart:

It looks like anyone in this world can create a new company and promote with some exciting new features. But Nextbit comes with new innovative ideas and features. The Nexbit Robin is priced at Rs. 16999. It is priced quite reasonably. The device is packed with all nice features for a mordern smartphone. The details of Nextbit Robin review price in India along eith detail specifications are below.

Nextbit Robin India price review specs Flipkart -Feature:

The Nextbit Robin is currently available only on Flipkart. It has 5.2 inch full HD display with single SIM slot LTE support.

The Nextbit Robin runs on Android Marshmallow powered by snapdragon 808 1.8 ghz processing power. It is backed up by its massive 3 GB RAM and 32 GB ROM.

The IPS display has full HD 1080p support with Gorilla glass 4. One of the main comfort is its medium size 5.2 inch display which one hand can reach in all corners of the phone.

The Nexbit Robin camera has 13 MP back and 5 MP front camera. With the dual tone phase detection you can easily take your favorite moments easily.

You can expect a decent quality of the camera even though you will find it noisy in low light just like most of other android smartphones.

It has NFC support and will find it handy if you are a NFC tag fan which gives extra fun.

The Nextbit Robin has finger print sensor in the power button. The battery is 2680 mAh which is bit low providing the massive RAM and online cloud service. But with the quick charging 2.0 you can charge very quickly.

You can always carry a power bank. Click on the link below for Top 10 best power banks.

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The main interesting feature is its 100 GB cloud storage which your photos videos are automatically backed up once you are connected to wifi.

There is one year manufacturers warranty for the device and six months for others in the box.

Nextbit Robin India price review specs Flipkart – Price and Availability:

As stated above it is currently available only in Flipkart India at Rs.19999 . You can preorder now from flipkart. Follow the link below to preorder now.

Preorder Nexbit Robin from flipkart Now.


Below are the details from flipkart for the Nextbit Robin:

If you’re a collector of movies and music, then you need ample digital space to store your favourite entertainment content. The Robin’s Android Marshmallow (v6) OS is integrated with Nextbit’s cloud, so the data on this smartphone’s internal memory automatically syncs with the cloud when a Wi-Fi network is available. Now, you’ll never run out of space to store timeless flicks, albums and pictures.

Nextbit Robin India price review specs Cloud First

Whenever a Wi-Fi network is available, the Robin automatically syncs to Nextbit’s cloud and clears up space on its internal memory while preserving your data on the cloud. A quick glance at the four, little lights on the Robin’s back will let you know if it’s syncing data.

Nextbit Robin India price review specs Thinking Ahead

The Robin’s Android OS is integrated with Nextbit’s cloud, so storage space is effectively cleared from this smartphone’s ROM. As the Robin consistently syncs your data, you’ll almost always have ample space to store your favourite content. It starts syncing data automatically whenever it’s connected to a Wi-Fi network, so you needn’t worry about the battery being excessively drained or your data charges shooting up.

Nextbit Robin India price review specs Gone But Not Lost

The Robin archives information that you don’t access much, ensuring that you have space to accommodate the content that you love.

Nextbit Robin India price review specs Back in a Flash

Not only can you instantly access the apps that are on this smartphone’s internal memory, you can also restore any app that has been archived on your cloud with a simple click. You can also access any picture you’ve taken in no time. When an archived image is viewed, its resolution is altered to suit the Robin’s screen resolution while the actual image on the cloud will remain in its original resolution.

Nextbit Robin India price review specs Fingerprint Identity
You no longer need to enter an elaborate pattern or password to unlock this smartphone. With the Robin, your fingerprint will serve as a password to lock or unlock this smartphone.

Nextbit Robin India price review specs Encrypted Storage
Thanks to Android’s in-built encryption data, the Robin will keep all your data secure.

Nextbit Robin India price review specs Google Authentication
Google authentication is required to access Nextbit’s cloud. The cloud supports two-factor verification.

Nextbit Robin India price review specs Secure Transmission
Whenever the Robin syncs data on to the cloud, all the information is transferred safely to Nextbit’s server and encrypted on it.

Nextbit Robin India price review specs We Started With a Rectangle:

This phone’s elegance lies in its simplicity. The rectangular shape, clear-cut borders, paired circles and luscious texture of the Robin make it aesthetically marvelous.

Nextbit Robin India price review specs One Touch Start

Thanks to this nifty feature, it just takes a single touch to power on and unlock this smartphone. The power button and the fingerprint sensor are one and the same. Once you press the power button, you just need to leave your finger there for a second to start using the Robin.

Nextbit Robin India price review specs Built For Comfort

The bold, well-defined rectangular sides give you a firm grip on this smartphone. The subtly rounded edges make the Robin comfortable to hold. Thanks to the Robin’s balanced weight, it’ll stay centred on your palm.

Nextbit Robin India price review specs Performance

Qualcomm Snapdragon 808

The Robin comes with a Qualcomm Snapdragon 808 processor and 3 GB of RAM, so you can run multiple applications, such as FB, WhatsApp and a game like Mortal Kombat X, without experiencing lag.

Nextbit Robin India price review specs Display

13.20-cm Screen

IPS Technology

Watch fascinating short films on YouTube at a resolution of 1080p on the Robin’s 13.20-cm, IPS, LCD display. Gorilla Glass 4 adds to the durability of the screen, greatly reducing the likelihood of it cracking in case of a shallow drop.

Nextbit Robin India price review specs Storage


Cloud Space – 100 GB

This smartphone has an internal memory of 32 GB, so you can store some of your favourite flicks, tracks, photos, games and other apps on it. Nextbit’s hallmark cloud storage service provides you with 100 GB of space.

Nextbit Robin India price review specs Cameras

13-MP Rear Cam

Autofocus – Rear Cam

5-MP Front Cam

Capture stunning, blur-free photos even when it’s dark with the 13-MP rear camera which is complemented by the phase detection, autofocus and dual-tone flash functions. Take great selfies with the 5-MP front camera when you’re out partying with your friends.

Dual Front-facing Speakers

Impressive Sound

Two amplifiers power the Robin’s dual, front-facing speakers for an audio experience that will immerse you.




USB Type-C

Connect this smartphone to a Wi-Fi network to download episodes of trending shows like Game of Thrones. Share the excitement, use Bluetooth to send the episodes to your friend’s smart device. You can use a type-C USB cable to charge the Robin or to transfer data with a computer. Thanks to Qualcomm’s Quick Charge 2.0 technology, charging is a matter of mere minutes.

Tge device is great energetic full of new features. But there is some concerns because of its heavily rely on cloud that it will consume heavy data. Now the data is not that cheap as it was on five years before. So you need to care for your data plan if you are in limited data.

You will have the premium feel of it with the taste of super fast no lag device.

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