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Microsoft ending gaming industry?

Is microsoft ending gaming industry ? Will this be the end of todays basic gaming industry or will it pave the way to start a new generation?

Microsoft has annouce that game developers must use its Universal Windows Plateform to distribute the games for windows. This might sound nothing but there are some strings which could lead to best and worst for Microsoft. Let us discuss the details.

As of now game developers in windows PC can develop distribute in its own without mandatory from Microsoft. This means you can download and install almost any software from anywhere on earth and install it and use it without having any problem.

For example we can download a game from many sites may be from developers and other sites and use it.

After the release of windows 8, microsoft has started to integrate its plateforms into one single. With this it launched the Microsoft Universal Windows Plateform which allow the developers to distribute its games apps into all plateforms.

This mught simplify the problems faced by many developers but there are something we need to fully look into it.

Why is microsoft ending gaming industry ?

Although it seems very hard to believe that microsoft ending the gaming industry, this move will harm it for sure.

With UWP it can control your game distribution and installations. It can suspend your app or game at anytime.

It can deny any installation outside its appstore. Developers certainly does not like this. This is the main reason for lack of game in Apple PC.

If you tighten your grip too much it is sure that you will loose something in that.

Will developers follow the microsofts new rules or will they try to create a new eco system?

Critics are already saying that this will lead to migrate some developers to use their own systems and other plateforms. Microsoft has already lost its mobile share to android and iOS. Now is the time coming for the PC also?

It has been a long time since they announce a great upgrade in terms of technology and its ecosystem. They need it very badly to sustain its image as tech gaint in the industry.

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