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IPVanish Review 2018 Best VPN

IPVanish Review 2018 Best VPN. IPVanish is cheap, high speed, anonymous, good support VPN for 2018. You must buy if you are looking for a paid VPN.

These days where privacy and restricted uses of internet in many countries and colleges, VPN are becoming more and more popular among journalists, students and ordinary citizens.

There are hundreds of VPN services so it is clear that many are confused which one to choose. IPVanish is one of the VPN that you can trust and use to conceal and surf anonymously from any device you own. It is one of the best VPNs you can go ahead and buy any plan now. Click on the link below to buy.


IPV 728×90 (set 1)

IPVanish Review 2018 on software:

The IPvanish software is solid built stand alone software costume built. The software interface is really easy to navigate. You can connect by clicking on connect button on the top right.

There is menu on the left where you can select servers, access you account details, billing and subscriptions details etc.

You can also see support tab in the left side of menu. In the middle you will be shown your real IP and location along with a map.

You also will be shown your current status and your IP if you are connected to the VPN.

Installation and Set up guide for IPVanish:

Installing IPVanish is simple for all devices. For PC and Mac, after downloading just install. For mobile devices you can download from respective app stores.

After downloading you will be asked to accept its client installation. After installation you can log in and connect to its VPN service.

Pricing and Payment of IPVanish:

The pricing of IPvanish is relatively average. It is not cheap nor hefty in price. If you buy monthly it is charged at 10$. If you buy for 3 months billing then you will be charged at 8.99$ and $6.49 for yearly billing.

If you buy yearly its relatively cheap. The payment mode are PayPal and bitcoin. You can pay using your credit cards and bitcoin.

Support and devices for IPvanish:

If you have any problem you can send an email or live chat if you are in working hours. You can expect an answer within one business day. The support is very nice and solve your problem in time.

It supports a wide variety of devices. IPvanish supports windows, Mac, android, iOS, windows mobile. You can download from your mobile by following the link below.

It is better to buy a plan first before downloading because you will need sooner or later.

IPVanish review 2018 on its service:

IPvanish provides one of the best service in the industry. It provides tier one service. There are more than 12 countries of server such as US, India, Singapore, UK, Australia to name a few.

There are more than 500 servers which you can choose from.

It was connected at one try only. There were no throttling of bandwith during usage.

Streaming of youtube was fine at 720p in desktop. However, opening of Youtube homepage was not possible on iPhone. It might be the iPhones problem but other VPN were able to do the same. (UPDATE: It is currently working fine after the latest update.)

You can change location and server at anytime you want.

You can use all clients at the same time be it windows, mac, iOS and android.

You can expect complete privacy right from the start. If you pay with bitcoin then you can have complete privacy. IPVanish does not keep any of the logs, history.

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The IPVanish Review 2018 was the first VPN review of 2018. You can buy IPvanish right now and can have best service. If you are considering for a long term usage buy the yearly plan and you will save a lot in long run. You will save around $40 yearly. It is one of the best VPN in 2018.

Except the fact that it was not possible to open youtube in iPhone, everything was perfect. It may be a problem of the particular iPhone.

You can buy by following the link below.

IPV 728×90 (set 1)

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