Incognito VPN review 2016: Go full Incognito on web | Them Review

Incognito VPN review 2016: Go full Incognito on web

Incognito VPN review 2016. The VPN which is expressed by the name itself. The VPN which keeps no trace history  at all. Keep reading for more details of Incognito VPN.


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Incognito VPN review 2016 – features:

The Incognito VPN has many features which makes you traceless in the internet. The Incognito VPN is a part of saferweb which promotes free and safe web, net neutrality.

After the Snowden leak, public are becoming more and more aware of what their government is snooping on to them. VPN is one way to avoid such leaking of your privacy.

Secure encryption:

The incognito VPN claims of world class data encryption which most can not decrypt it.

No log no history:

It keeps no history and no log of your online activity. This is one of the main agenda which incognito VPN has. It is against the snooping and tapping of general public datas.

30 + servers:

The incognito VPN has 30+ servers across more than a dozen of countries including US UK Germany Indonesia Thailand Autria etc.

No data cap No bandwidth limit:

All the three plans has no bandwidth and data limits. Unlimited data and bandwidth usage for all plans.

Incognito VPN review 2016 supported plateforms:

The incognito VPN has multiple suppprted plateforms including iOS Android Chrome OS Mac Windows etc.

All apps can be downloaded once your sign up process is completed. Downloading app is completely free and subscription can be done from the app and web also.

incognito vpn review 2016 features


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Incognito VPN review 2016


Incognito VPN review 2016 – plans and pricing:

The incognito VPN offers three different plans from which you can choose.

The cloak plan is priced at 4.99$ per month and has 1 device connect support. It has 7 server locations to choose from.

The disguise plan has 30+ server locations and 3 device connection support. The plan is priced at 5.99$ per month

The anonymous plan has 30+ server locations and 5 device connections. The extra feature of this plan is the smart DNS which your DNS can be changed to avoid tracking and phising based on DNS addresses. It is priced at 6.99$ per month.

All the three plans have unlimited data and bandwidth usage with all protocols supported.

incognito vpn review 2016 plans and pricing


Incognito VPN review 2016 service and reliability:

The connection process is simple just luke other VPN services. Tap start button and for first time users you will be asked to trust the connection which you should and mark the tick then your connection will start. You can select different server locations.

The speed is high for the disguise plan and has high performance. Based on the server location your speed varies. It ia due the the latancy and speed of the region.



Three plans to choose from.

Very cheap price for unlimited bandwidth.

Multiple cross plateform support.

Easy and secure app in all plateforms.



Not really but we miss any offers.



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Incognito VPN review 2016

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