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Grapheneum Network – Ethereum Based Network For Graphene

Grapheneum Network – Ethereum Based Network Dedicated To Graphene. Have you ever heard of Graphene?  For those haven’t heard of Graphene, it is a form of Carbon that has unique properties. According to wikipedia

Graphene is a semimetal with small overlap between the valence and the conduction bands (zero bandgap material). It is an allotrope(form) of carbon consisting of a single layer of carbon atoms arranged in a hexagonal lattice. It is the basic structural element of many other allotropes of carbon, such as graphite, diamond, charcoal, carbon nanotubes and fullerenes.

Grapheneum Network

It is the strongest material ever tested. Due to this property, graphene has the possibility of application in space, aerospace, medical, manufacturing, automobile, etc. However, research in this field is not going fast enough as compared to its possible applications. Keeping this in mind, Grapheneum is the new blockchain based network that will change the way graphene is perceived normally.

To know details about Graphene you can check out the FAQ page of Grapheneum. It has explained in detail what is graphene and why grapheneum is the revolutionary way to change the R&D of graphene. Some of the questions are given below.

Grapheneum FAQ

The main objective of the Grapheneum network is to facilitate the  funding of research and education of graphene and to bridge the gap between the researchers, users, investors as well as the community members using the ethereum which is based on blockchain.

Objective of Grapheneum Network:

The official objective is “Our goal is to contribute to new technologies which will make the planet more sustainable and efficient in several sectors.”

Grapheneum goals

There is a voting system within the network to vote on which projects to fund the research. This is a good system to drive competition among the researchers. The project is backed by many researchers, teachers, investors, students, etc. The platform will create events, forum of debate, creation of community, crowdfunding and smart contract.

Grapheneum Token & Sale

The way to raise fund is to buy their tokens through ethereum. You will get tokens based on the amount of your investment and you will get to vote, fund or use in other ways in the network. Check the details below.

The tokens will be available on the following possible exchanges and wallets. This is a very good practice to offer multiple options so that maximum number of interested persons can participate the platform.

After all these sales, the network will test the whole system before going to public. This system will prevent any problem or bugs so that there is any unwanted issues when the platform goes live. During this time, the Grapheneum will continue to work in the back end to educate, organise functions, forums to spread more about graphene and grapheneum network.

I think this is a good practice to bring public attention to the new material and platform. The idea is very nice because it has tremendous possibility in the future. All the great technology feats in the past are from the research.

Grapheneum token price

You can buy the token by clicking here. The phase one is already sold off which is a very good sign. Check out the pricing and sale details.

Grapheneum token price

After payment you will need to request for the token with the payment id you made.

Having a dedicated system and network to the most likely best future material will only accelerate the process. Moreover, this will give the confidence to the researchers and users which is really necessary for a success in research. I truly recommend this platform if they can do everything they say in the roadmap. You can check the roadmap here.

The idea and roadmap is really nice and this will enable many researchers to research while investors to invest in their favourite projects. The deploy of ethereum means there is no possibility of fraud or misuse of investors money by the company as each and every transaction is recorded. I really wish the Grapheneum Network the very best to bring the best of products and engineering feats from the extraordinary material Graphene.


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