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Best VPN for Torrenting – Safest way of using torrent

Best VPN for Torrenting are Nord VPN, IPVanish VPN, Express VPN, Private VPN, IbVPN. Read the full article for more details and for a special offer at the end of this article.For every person who use torrent are becoming more and more aware of the threats and security risk due to exposed internet connection. This is why many torrent users including you are using VPN to protect themselves from the danger. In this article, I will discuss the top best 5 VPNs for using in torrenting. Check them all one by one. I will also discuss why it is needed and how the VPNs help to reduce those threats. I will also discuss how the top 5 are determined in detail.All the best top 5 VPNs are best and you can choose anyone of them. The order list based on my experience and it may be different for you based on your internet speed, location and other factors. All the VPNs in the list are zero tolerance no log VPNs. All treat the torrent traffic or P2P traffic as same as other traffic. It means there is no throttling of bandwidth for torrent traffics. All of them offers best encryption techniques. All of them offers cheap pricing and money-back guarantees. The list is based on the service speed and reliability while using torrent in my case. I recommend you to test at least 3 VPNs from the list below to check which one is the best for you.Before checking out the list, I have published an article named Are torrenting safe with a VPN. You should definitely check it out by clicking the link below:Let’s check the top 5 best VPNs for torrenting one by one. If you are looking for a free one scroll down below. However, I absolutely do not recommend free VPNs. Test their service and always use a paid one or upgrade the service.
  1. Nord VPN,

  2. IPVanish VPN,

  3. Express VPN,

  4. Private VPN,

  5. IbVPN.

Best VPN for Torrenting:

    1. Nord VPN
    2. The Nord VPN is everyone’s favourite because of many reasons. It is the best VPN to choose for the purpose of torrenting. It has no log of what you do, where you visit, what type of traffic you are using, etc. at all. During the whole testing, the speed remains almost constant. The servers connection was also not disturbed. It got disconnected only about one or two. It has thousands of servers at around 56 countries as of writing this article. Chances are high that there will be a server very near to you so that your speed is at highest while connected to VPN for torrenting.The company is based on Panama 🇵🇦 so there is law that requires for storing any log of any user ar any case. The normal pricing is at around $6.99 per month if you subscribe for a year. However, there is a special offer running at offers three years of Nord VPN at only $99 for now. Check the link below to get the offer.Click here to get Nord VPN for $2.5 per month only.
    3. IPVanish VPN:
    4. This VPN is here for a long time and it a trusted VPN. There are servers in more than 100+ countries. This will allow you to select servers that are nearest to you. This is important when you are using it for torrenting. As I mentioned earlier, it has zero log policy which means no data is stored in their server except your basic account and payment details which is used for billing purposes. It has interesting offers running all the time. The torrenting speed was really fast at the time of my testing. Click on the link below to check them out.Click here to check IPVanish VPN.

      IPV-ISP Tracking-300×250

      It has shared IPs and server in more than 60+ countries which makes tracing a particular user impossible because of the IP being used by many users at the same time. You can connect 10 devices at the same time simultaneously.I have written a detail IPVanish review. Check out the link below to read the deail IPVanish VPN review.IPVanish Review| Best VPN
    5. Express VPN:
    6. This is one of the best available in the market now. The only reason I placed this in the third position for best VPN for torrenting is that I had to be reconnected sometimes which may no be the case for you. But do not worry, it has a kill switch which stops all your internet usages until it is connected again.It is based in British Virgin Island and has no data laws and they keep zero logs. There are servers in over 94+ countries you can select from. There is a 30 days money back guarantee so you don’t need to worry about as you can request a refund at anytime. Click the link below to check Express VPN.Click here to check out Express VPN now.
    7. Private VPN:
    8. This a new player in the VPN town. I reviewed and I got a very amazing experience by using it. The seed is very fast however suddenly the speed would go down and I had to reconnected again before starting again. It too has a kill switch too. You can even select which programs to be disconnected when the kill switch activates. Apart from many servers and very simple and light software, the price is also an absolute bargain with extra 5 months on buying a year plan. Check out the link below.Click here to check out Private VPN
    9. IbVPN:
    10. Many of you may not heard it but this is a very cheap VPN with premium services. One of features I like is the refer a friend program. For every friend you refer and if your friend buys a premium pack you will get a free one month premium extension of your existing plan. But first you need to have a premium plan with them. It is very cheap starting from $1.58 per month. There is a special torrent package starting from $3.08 per month. I tried with the normal package so I couldn’t say much more on what’s there is the torrent package. It has kill and auto connect features so you don’t need to worry about your safety.There are more than hundred of servers from more than 63+ countries. This VPN has other security features as well like the TOR over VPN features. There is zero log policy. Check out the link below.Click here to check out IbVPN.
    11. CyberGhost VPN:
    This is another trusted VPN that offers unlimited torrent traffic in its all plans. The pricing is $2.73/month + 6 months extra (if you follow the link below). This is a very cheap pricing with superb service. You can expect the top notch service from them. There are servers in almost all the countries around the world. With its 30 days money-back guarantee, you can feel the real service before committing to it. Check out the link below and to avail the offer.CyberGhost VPN 77% OFF + 6 Months Extra (Limited) OFFER. There are other VPNs as well in the market but I have chosen these five as I find best in my case. One thing I have say is that only a single VPN plan is not enough for any person seriously considering for a high privacy with a total security at very high speed all the time. I am saying this based on my experience and you will know too. Your connections are bound to slow down or disconnect at times because of many issues like server down, too much traffic, etc. No matter what any company or a reviewer like me says that the speed is super fast and the service is best, they have at least once faced one or two issue.So the best VPNs for torrenting are Nord VPN, IPVanish VPN, Express VPN, Private VPN and IbVPN. There are other VPNs like golden frog, Hotspot shield VPN, hide me VPN etc. You can check them out too. By now you must know what is the best VPN for torrenting and use in torrent.Check out the free VPNs you can use:Windscribe VPN 10GB per month dataHotspot Shield VPN
    What are the risks of using torrent without VPN?
    First, without a VPN your IP address is completely exposed to any other person downloading the same content you are downloading. By using your IP address, any person with a dirty mindset can use to blackmail you, threaten your ISP with lawsuits (may be fake or original) in copyright charges and you may end up in paying huge sums of money.Second, browsing torrent sites has some of the ads that contain malicious viruses and malware in it. So, when you clicked or open those ads, you are exposed to potential loss of your important files. Some important VPNs detect such links and blocks them.
    How to choose your best VPN for torrenting?
    Every person will have their own best VPNs for torrenting purposes because VPNs performances may be different based on the users internet connection, server location, type of usage, etc. So, while choosing, you should check out if the VPN has server location very near to you. Secondly, you should always look for VPN service provider with zero log policy. You don’t want a VPN service that stores your data on what are you browsing, for what, for how long, etc. All the VPNs listed above have zero log policy.Thirdly, you can expect server downtime from any VPNs as such things happens. If it occurs to you, don’t think that VPN sucks because the other is going to be the same. So, just look for the highest speed one while working. This is why I always recommend keeping at least two VPNs at ready so that you can switch to the other one when the first one is not working.Last but not the least, check for torrent services that offers money-back guarantees or free trials so that you can have a first hand demo of their service. If satisfied, then buy the service if not, just ask for a refund or stop the free trial.
    Can you download torrents with IDM?
    The answer is YES! You can download torrents with IDM using a cloud torrent service. I wrote an article on how to download torrents with IDM. Check out the link below:I am even sharing the premium account to download torrents. However, I recommend buying your own cloud account because you can not be fully secure in a share account.Are you confused about safety and security risks involved while browsing internet and torrenting. You can check out my article on how to browse internet anonymously by following the link below.Stay tune for more updates and posts.

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