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AI defeats world champion in ancinet chinese game

Google’s AI defeats world champion by straight 3-0 in an ancient chinese game with a bounty of 1 million dollar. The south korean world champion is 18 time world chamipon for the ancient chinese game known as GO.

The game is ancient chinese mind game which contains a board and black and white stones. Both players tries to surround more on the other player.

The deepmind is a UK based AI company accquired by Google in 2014. It designed an AI named AlphaGO. The AI previously defeated the europian champion in 2014.


AI defeats world champion in  straight 3-0

The game between AlphaGO and the south korean qas planned as best of five but AlphaGO defeated with straight 3-0. It also has a million on the table for the winner.

Deepmind CEO expressed his happiness and ability of AlphaGO. He also expressed that the GO game is more valuable than chess and beautiful in real life also.

Go is a very beautiful game and I think it teaches a lot about life, much more so than a game like chess. When you watch really great Go players play, it is like a thing of beauty. So I’m very excited that we’ve been able to instill that level of beauty inside a computer,” Google co-founder and Alphabet president Sergey Brin said after the match.

Deepmind says that developing a bot for the GO game much more difficult than any other game because there were much more possibility of moves than other games.

To be honest we are a bit stunned and speechless. AlphaGo can compute tens of thousands of positions a second, but it’s amazing that Lee Se-dol is able to compete with that and push AlphaGo to the limit.

We came here to challenge Lee Se-dol because we wanted to see what AlphaGo was capable of, and his amazing genius and creative skills have done that,” DeepMind founder Demis Hassabis told journalists after the AI’s victory.

Le se Dol expressed his regret for disappointing others and not able to win the game.

I do apologize for not being able to satisfy people’s expectations,” Lee said.

“I have extensive experience in playing Go but there was never a case where I was under this much pressure … and I was incapable of overcoming it,” he added.

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