10 things you will enjoy with Pre order Far Cry Primal

10 things you will enjoy with Pre Order Far Cry Primal

10 things you will enjoy with Pre Order Far Cry Primal 2016. As the release date is near there are 10 interesting aspect of latest Far cry series Far Cry Primal.

The game is based on the prehistoric times set to 10000 BC. Far cry primal is to release in Feb 23 for playstation and X box and later march for Windows.

Let us enjoy the official Ubisoft Far Cry Primal Trailer and feel yourself:

So here the 10 interesting things you will enjoy in Pre Order Far Cry Primal:

The traditional weapon buy is no more in Primal because you will have to create it all from woods stones etc. You will enjoy all the upgrades and become quick and precise as game goes on.

For at least once you will play a game without a gun to shoot. Remember Far Cry Primal is based on ancient times so there was no gun at all. But you will also get pretty to fight for.

You were hunting with your tribes but got ambushed by the mammoth and left isolated. You will feel those feelings and eventually become so strong.

Even though you were inferior in terms of weapons as compare to other tribes, your main advantage will be the ability to temp animals which will eventually drive you to the top and control everyone.

If you pre order now Xbox will give you Villi ant hearts The great war for free. You can pre order from amazon by clicking this link.

Pre order far cry Primal Now From Amazon:

Oh, yes we all will be able to live with or against those giant mammoth apart from the Game of thrones series.

If you pre order now you will be able to play as almighty mammoth with extra three episodes. Hurry pre order now using the link above.

You will rise from the extinct and will become the leader of all tribes.

Controlling the beast mammoth and playing as them will be a new favor of course.

Discover the Deadly World of Oros: Fight to survive amid lush redwood forests, harsh taiga, frozen tundra, and murky swamps.


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