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10 reasons to buy or not to buy iPhone 5se

10 reasons to buy or not to buy iPhone 5se. Today let us point out 10 points why should we buy and not buy the Apple’s new iPhone 5 se.

The apple lovers went crazy yesterday as Apple release its new line ups such as new iPad pro, research kits etc.

iPhone 5se was one of the devices it released. It is sinply a new version of the old iPhone 5s. Below are theĀ 10 reasons to buy or not to buy iPhone 5se

10 reasons to buy or not to buy iPhone 5se

Reasons not to buy the new iPhone 5 se

1 it is just a more expensive iphone 5s.

The price tag starts with 399$ and certainly it will start at around Rs. 38999 in India. So it is not an affordable mid range smartphone. With this price you can get a top notch smartphone in the market.

If you can spend this much then it is better to get the iPhone 6s. If you want the form factor then buy an iPhone 5s and a new top android smartphone.

2. It is just 4 inch iPhone just too small.

We Indians and most in the world love smartphones little larger than 4 inch. Yes all those big giant smartphones are stupid too but 4 inch iPhone is just too small to buy and use it.

3. The processor is not powerful as it should be.

Yes apple should not compare its new product to a three year old phone as its processing power. Its just absurd to buy a phone with 399$ which is not powerful as its counterparts.

4. It is missing its 3D touch.

To encourage to upgrade to iPhone 6 s plus iphone 5se is missing its latest feature the 3D touch. 3D touch recognises your pressure on the display and responds according to it.

5.The camera is not that great in the price range.

Tge camera of the new iPhone 5se is not at the top because it is same as iPhone 6s.

Alright, there are enough reasons to buy the new iPhone 5se. So, below are the reasons to buy the new iPhone 5se.

6. It is super handy and small.

Well for all those small phone lovers, iPhone 5se is super easy to grip and feels good at one hand.

7. You can get the old form factor you loved at Apple.

You missed the old form factors of iPhone then you are one that should buy right now.

8. You can get an iPhone at a slight lesser price.

Even though the price is much higher than it should be, we are used to the price of Apple products and if you want it then you should not worry about the price.

You get a new line of iPhone with just 399$. Moreover there are news that there will be an 8 GB version of iPhone 5 se.

9. You can use old accessorries with the same size.

Since the size are same, I am sure you will have some accessorries which can be used with the new iPhone 5se. So we can just recycle use it.

10. Enjoy with Apple pay.

With Apple pay you can pay whatever you want wherever you want to.

Nonetheless iPhone 5se is a great device and you should buy it if you want to without hesitation.




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